How To Make Ringtones For iPhone X

How To Make Ringtones For iPhone X/iPhone 10

You have to admit, the list of pre-installed ringtones available on your iPhone X is not that short. At the same time, it’s not unlikely that you won’t feel the beat of any of it and you will find yourself wanting something different. It’s a matter of preference, which is why you can change all that in just a few minutes. Let us show you how to tweak regular songs into ringtones and how to set them afterward.

Make your own ringtones for the iPhone X

  1. Open up your iTunes app;
  2. Make sure there’s no new software version available – if it is, run the update first;
  3. Then, select the song that you wish to turn into a ringtone;
  4. With the Right-Click – or the Ctrl-Click – command, access the editing menu;
  5. Select Get Info to create your start and stop ringtone times – the entire ringtone cannot last more than 30 seconds and you’ll have to decide what part of the song you want to use;
  6. After that, return to that editing menu to use the Create AAC Version option and turn your ringtone into the AAC format;
  7. Copy this file and delete the original file format;
  8. Change its name by editing the initial .m4a format and making it .m4r;
  9. Add this file to iTunes and sync it with the iPhone.

To set up a newly edited ringtone on the iPhone X

  1. Go to the Settings app;
  2. Tap on Sounds;
  3. Select the Ringtone entry;
  4. Browse until you find your newly edited ringtone in that list;
  5. Select the song;
  6. Save the changes and leave the menus.
If you do that with more than one contact, you’re not just going to enjoy unique ringtones that no other iPhone X user seems to have! You will also be in the position of recognizing the caller by the ringtone, long before you bother to take the iPhone out of your pocket!