How To Speed Up Web Browsing On LG V30

How To Speed Up Web Browsing On LG V30

When your LG V30 suffers from a lagging and slow connection with the Internet, it can really disrupt the user experience, especially if the problem occurs with both the Android browser and Google Chrome. You know that OTFeed loves you right? To show you how much we love you, we’ll be showing you how to make your Internet browser faster on your LG V30.

Still, before doing the steps we’ll be giving below, note that you still need to consider the current speed of your ISP because this might be the true source of your problems. If the ISP connection doesn’t seem to have any issue, doing these steps will give you a little boost with your LG V30’s Internet connection. With this, animated GIFs and videos will load faster than before. So without further ado, here are the ways to make your LG V30’s Internet browser faster:

Steps in Speeding Up your LG V30 Web Browser

To do this, first, you need to open Google Chrome’s hidden features. You can activate this by inputting it into the address bar. Now, instead of inputting, do the steps below to activate the hidden features of your Google Chrome browser:
  1. Open your Smartphone
  2. Open your Google Chrome Browser
  3. In the Address Bar, type in or paste “chrome://flags into the URL bar”
  4. Search for “Maximum tiles for interest area”(#max-tiles-for-interest-area ) on the dropdown list that’ll appear
  5. Press the Dropdown menu titled “Default” and change to 512
  6. At the last part of the screen, press “Relaunch Now” to confirm the changes
Please note that you should not change any other settings or options in the Chrome://flags menu, because it could cause unexpected problems. The other choices in the dropdown list are for beta testing and upcoming tweaks that haven’t been finished yet.

Once you have done all the instructions above, you’ll notice a boost in your browsing speed on your LG V30.