How to Take Silent Photos on iPhone X

How to Take Silent Photos on iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X features a fascinating high-quality camera, but some people find the shutter sound the camera makes while taking a picture to be annoying, as it sometimes draws unwanted attention. Below we’ll be explaining to you how to take photos on your iPhone without making a sound.

For people in the United States, switching off camera sound is considered an offense as the law states that all cellphones that have digital cameras must make a sound when taking a picture. Follow the guide below to silence your iPhone camera sound.

How to Mute or Turn Down the Volume of Your iPhone

The first method of taking pictures on your iPhone without making a shutter sound is to turn down the volume or mute it. You can do this by pressing down the “Volume button” on the side of the iPhone until it goes into vibration mode. After this process, the shutter sound of the camera will be silent when taking a picture.

Use a Third-Party Camera App

An alternative option to turning off the camera sound of your iPhone is by using a third-party camera app; there are many camera apps on the App Store that can take a picture without making any sound. You can test the apps to see which one doesn’t make a shutter noise while using it on your iPhone X.