How To Transfer Files On LG V30

How To Transfer Files On LG V30
How To Transfer Files On LG V30

Back in the days, the only way you can transfer files to two phones is through Bluetooth Connection. However, not all phone have this feature and sometimes Bluetooth connection malfunctions. As for LG products, such as an LG V30, we’re able to send files like photos, data and videos through an application called LG Kies Software through other LG products.

Luckily for LG V30 users, LG developed a new feature on their handset which enables you to send everything from calendars, notes, text messages, videos, music, picture and even your contacts through any platform! This feature is called LG Smart Switch.

It eliminates the old process of copying the files from your phone to your desktop, then paste it into the iTunes software in order to transfer it to your Apple Products which is really a hassle. Cool right? But you’re maybe questioning how it works. It’s because this feature is directly connected with your iCloud, hence making the transferring of files to your Apple Products easier. It also includes by a “Change your iMessage settings” to avoid text message disruptions.

Installing the SmartSwitch Software

This feature can be downloaded from the official LG website and below are the links for both Mac and Windows, the file is about 34MB in size:
After you set up your LG V30, a pop-up link will appear in which you can download the Smart Switch app. Hit on the “DOWNLOAD AND OPEN” to start the installation.

With iClouds, you can easily send files to your LG V30 such as your phonebook, pictures, calendar events, alarms, text messages, WiFi Settings, browser bookmarks, applications list and even your call history.your applications list.