iPhone X Can’t Send Pictures On WhatsApp

iPhone X Can’t Send Pictures On WhatsApp

Sending some of your favorite photos to friends and loved ones on WhatsApp has always been charming for those that own an Apple iPhone X. However, you might experience problems of pictures not sending on WhatsApp from your Apple iPhone.

This issue can be a headache sometimes when the app crashes while sending the pictures to someone else or when you don’t have good Internet connection. In this article, we’ll explain some ways to fix WhatsApp pictures not sending problems on the Apple iPhone X.

Can’t Transfer Pictures on WhatsApp From Apple iPhone X

The first thing you can do is to reset your network by turning your cellular or your WiFi data off and then back on; this should fix the issue with WhatsApp pictures not sending problem. Open the Settings app, then toggle ON and OFF the Airplane Mode to reset your network.

Reboot Your Apple iPhone X

Rebooting your Apple iPhone X is another option to fixing WhatsApp pictures not sending problem. This method may fix your problem after resetting the WhatsApp. Press and hold the Side and Volume Up or Down buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds and then wait until it reboots before you try to send your pictures again.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone X

Internet connection problems could be the reason why you can’t send pictures to WhatsApp. You can fix the Internet connection problem if you reset the network settings. The steps below will teach you how to reset network settings on Apple iPhone X:

  1. Turn on your Apple iPhone
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Click on General
  4. Scroll and Click on Reset
  5. Finally, tap on Reset Network Settings

You can now try to send WhatsApp pictures on your iPhone X to see if the problem is solved after the phone resets.