iPhone X: How To Fix No Sound Problem

A lot of iPhone X owners have been complaining that every time they make or receive a call, they can’t hear or figure out the things that the other person is saying on the other side of the call. You can see now why this would be a huge problem. It might be an emergency or a crucial client that is calling and you can’t even figure out what he or she is saying. This is a huge hassle when you have a lot of very important things lined up and you are expecting calls from very important persons. Lucky for you, we have the steps to help you fix this issue and we glad to share it with you. Just follow them and you will be right as rain with your calls.
iPhone X: How To Fix No Sound Problem

How to fix no sound iPhone X

  • What you need to do first is to check if your iPhone X is turned off. After that, remove the SIM card from the SIM tray, and then inserting it again and then switch on the device.
  • One of the main causes of these issues is because of a lot of dirt or dust particles that are stuck and impeding the microphone. You solve this by dislodging the debris from the microphone with a some kind of compressed air. When you are done doing that, check once more if the iPhone X audio problem is fixed.
  • Now, these sound issues can oftentimes be traced to the Bluetooth. So, double check to see if you have turned off the Bluetooth device. After that, see if this resolved the sound problem on the iPhone X.
  • One other way with which you can most likely repair the sound problem is by wiping the cache of your iPhone X. 
  • It is also recommended that you place the iPhone X in Recovery Mode.