iPhone X Problems With Touch Screen Solved

With an all new proprietary screen, the iPhone X is unmatched when it comes to body to screen ratio. The biggest the world has seen so far. With that said, the display, as some users have been reporting, has its flaws. Apparently, there are parts of the screen that are not very responsive or functioning properly. Now this is nothing new when it comes to smartphones as it can be attributed to bad manufacturing, materials, or poor quality control. Or better yet, a very unstable operating system.

Many have claimed that nearing the bottom of the screen, the responsiveness starts to drop and in some cases, it does not respond at all. This is pretty bad considering that this is a very expensive smartphone. If proven to be true, it is below par to the standards of the tech titan.

Reasons for iPhone X touch screen not working:

  • When the iPhone X is being shipped to you. It can sometimes get bumped and bruised while on  transit. This is due to the bad handling of the shipping staff of the courier that handles the delivery of your iPhone X.
  • As a brand new phone with a brand new operating system, your iPhone X could be experiencing bugs and glitches that have not been patched or resolved yet. Fortunately, Apple is very prompt when updating their software so that should not be a major issue after a patch is rolled out.

Ways to fix iPhone X touch screen not working

Complete factory reset

  1. First of all, check to see if your iPhone X is turned on
  2. Open Settings and press General
  3. Search for and press Reset
  4. Enter your Apple ID and Apple ID password
  5. Now the process to reset your iPhone X should only take a few minutes
  6. Once finished, you’ll see the welcome screen asking you to swipe to continue

Clear phone cache

If you are lucky, clearing the phone cache of your iPhone X will do the trick in fixing the touch screen on your phone. What you need to do is to open Settings, and then General, and then go to Storage & iCloud Usage. After that, press on Manage Storage. When you are there, click an item in Documents and . And then drag and place the unused items to the left and then press Delete. Finally, press Edit and then Delete to remove all the app’s data.
iPhone X Problems With Touch Screen Solved

Complete a hard reset

If clearing the phone’s cache did not fix the touchscreen. The next thing you can do is to do a factory reset on your phone. Now when you choose to do this, you should know that it will remove all of your phone’s contents like photos, videos, messages, files and documents. To avoid all of that fiasco, you should make a backup of all the contents on the phone so that it is protected while you are fixing your phone. You can backup all the content inside your iPhone X is by going to Settings and then to Backup & reset. Just follow the instructions provided so that you won’t accidentally brick your phone. You can also utilize your hardware buttons if you are not sure about doing it through the Settings. Just do these steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to press and hold the sleep/wake button and home buttons simultaneously
  2. Hold them both down for at least 10 seconds
  3. After that, the iPhone X automatically handle the hard reset
  4. And then you’ll be back on the home screen

Remove the SIM card

This might seem unusual but try it nonetheless. Try removing your sim card by powering off your phone first, of course and then removing the sim tray and popping out the sim card. After a while, reinsert it back again and turn your phone on. See if that works for you.