iPhone X Ringtones Free Download

iPhone X Ringtones Free Download

You may want to create exclusive ringtones for unique individuals or an alarm that will remind you of a particular task if you just bought a new iPhone X. It’s important to know about the Apple ringtone free downloads.

A critical reason to set a custom ringtone for the iPhone is for you to know who’s calling without checking your phone screen and to make things more personal. Below are instructions on how to change the ringtone on the iPhone X.

How to Get Ringtones Free on iPhone X

The process to add, set, and create custom ringtones for contacts on Apple iPhone is easy and straightforward. You have the option to customize sounds for text messages as well as set custom ringtones for each number. The following step will teach you how below to customize ringtones on the iPhone X.

  1. Open and update iTunes to the latest version
  2. Select the song you want to use
  3. Create the start/stop times on the song. (You can do this using ctrl-click or right-click the song you want and click on Get Info from the resulting drop-down list)
  4. Create AAC version. (Do this by ctrl-click/Right-click the same song and click on create AAC Version)
  5. Delete the old one and copy the new file
  6. Replace the extension (Click on the file’s name, and switch it to “.m4r.” from .“ m4a”)
  7. Add data to your iTunes
  8. Sync your Apple phone
  9. Select the Settings app > Sounds > Ringtone

The steps we explain above should change the ringtone on your iPhone X for one individual contact. However, the rest of the numbers on the list will use the standard sound from settings while any number you customize will have its custom tune.