iPhone X Signal Problems Solutions

iPhone X Signal Problems Solutions
iPhone X Signal Problems Solutions

Do you own the iPhone X? If you do, and you’re dealing with signal problems, read through this article to learn about the different solutions available.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve read through this article, you’ll know to fix any iPhone X signal problems you or anybody else may get in the future. Learning these tips can often save you in situations where your signal is limited and it can be a great way to avoid a trip to the Apple store.

If you’ve noticed that your iPhone X drops connection after being in a call for a few minutes, it may be because you’ve had some issues with your network or your internet connection. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to fix any issues you’ve had and you should then be able to make a phone call.

Check that Airplane Mode is Turned Off

Sometimes you may not be able to make a call at all because your signal is completely cut out. In some rural areas, it may be the case that there isn’t any connectivity in your area. However, in some cases, your lack of signal may be caused by Airplane Mode. You can easily turn off Airplane Mode by following the steps listed below.
  1. Make sure your iPhone or iPhone X is switched on
  2. Navigate to the Settings app
  3. Move the Airplane Mode toggle to the OFF position

Check the Signal Bars on your iPhone X

If you’re still having iPhone X signal problems, it may be due to limited mobile signal in your area. To check whether you’ve actually got sufficient signal to make a call, you will need to check your signal bars at the top of your screen. These bars show you how much signal you’ve got. If the bars are empty or there is a small ‘x’ next to the bars, your iPhone X cannot find any mobile signal to connect to.

Sometimes, you can easily fix the no signal problem on the iPhone X by restarting it. To do this, simply switch off the iPhone X and switch it back on.

Contact your Network Provider to Ask About Outages

Sometimes, it might not be your iPhone X that’s causing the iPhone signal problem. In some cases, there may be an outage in your area that could be causing connectivity issues. Sometimes cellular towers get damaged or go down for maintenance. You can contact your network provider to find out if there is an outage in your area.

Make Sure your Account Isn’t Barred

You need to make sure that the SIM card you are using in your phone is connected to an active account. If you haven’t paid your contract, haven’t topped up, or haven’t activated your account, your network provider may have cut you off. Whether you’re with AT&T, T-Mobile, or somebody else, give your network provider a call to see if you can solve the issue with them.