Problem with Face ID on iPhone X

Problem with Face ID on iPhone X – FIXED

Problems with Facial Recognition on iPhone X

  1. Set up Face ID
  2. Turn off Face ID and turn back on
  3. Reset iPhone X and set it up on initial set up

How to Fix Face ID on iPhone X

  1. Start by opening up Settings > “Face ID & Passcode”
  2. Next, select “Set Up Face ID” 
  3. Input your passcode if you already have one
  4. Then, press “Get Started” to activate the front camera and Face ID infrared sensor
  5. You’ll see the Face ID calibration circle that will analyze your face on the screen surrounded with lines and a window for you to frame your face with
  6. Line up your face in the window and rotate your head every which driection like you are stretching your neck
  7. Turn left, turn right, look down, look up
  8. When you are done with the calibration, you’ll be asked to complete another
  9. Press “Continue” and do it again
  10. When finished with the 2nd calibration just tap “Done” to complete the Face ID setup

If you are still having issues with Face ID try turning it off and back on.

If you are still having issues your best bet is to reset your iPhone X:

Reset Face ID on your iPhone X

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings
  2. When your phone restarts you will be prompted to set up Face ID again

Using Face ID to Unlock Your iPhone X

Now that you’ve properly set up Face ID on your iPhone X, you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone X without touching the screen or using your thumb… to do this, wake up your iPhone simply by picking it up (assuming you’ve enabled raise to wake through Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Raise… which is the default setting). Now all you have to do is face your iPhone with your eyes open and now you’ve successfully unlocked your iPhone X!