How To Screenshot On LG V30

The method of taking a screenshot on your LG V30 is more or less the same as the previous iterations of LG smartphones. This should make it easier to transition from the older models to the most current device on the market. So to refresh your memory in case you don’t remember how to do it anymore, the directions below will guide you through the process on how take a screen on your LG V30.

How to take a screenshot on LG V30:

To make a screenshot on the LG V30 is fairly straightforward. What you need to do is hold down the smartphone’s power and home button simultaneously until you hear a shutter sound which indicates that you have already taken a screenshot. After that, there a drop-down notification will appear, which will enable you to view your recently taken screenshot.

Just to make it clear for everybody so as not to cause any confusion. What you need to do is hold down the buttons located on the side of the device all at the same time and make sure you hear the shutter sound first before you let go of the buttons, to make sure you took the screenshot.

After holding down the buttons, simultaneously, the LG V30 screen will flicker to notify you that the screenshot has been taken. After that, a shortcut to the recently taken image will show up in the notification tray at the top of the screen, or you can view your screenshots at any time via LG V30’s gallery app.