The Apple iPhone X Alarm Clock

The Apple iPhone X Alarm Clock

If you own the Apple iPhone X, your smartphone has an Alarm Clock for reminding you of a vital event or waking you up. You can customize the alarm clock feature on your Apple iPhone X, and you can even choose to set a song as the alarm sound on the iPhone. The guide we explain below will teach you how to use the snooze feature quickly and to edit, set and delete the alarm clock app with the widget on your iPhone X.

Manage Alarms

You can use your Apple iPhone as an alarm clock. Open the Clock app on the Home screen > Tap on Alarm> then tap on the “+” sign in the upper right-hand corner. You have a number of options that can be customized, as listed below:

  • Time: Set the time you want the alarm to sound by tapping up or down. Touch PM/AM to select.
  • Alarm repeat: Tap to set up which days you want a reoccurring alarm. Mark the Repeat weekly box to repeat the alarm clock on the selected days weekly.
  • Alarm type: Options for sounds when activated (Vibration only, Sound only, Vibration and Sound).
  • Alarm tone: Tap to pick a sound that plays when alarm goes off.
  • Alarm volume: Adjust the alarm’s volume by dragging the slider.
  • Snooze: You can choose to turn off the snooze option completely if you’d like. With snooze turned on you can adjust the time that the alarm will be delayed by when hitting the snooze button. Options go from 3 to 30 minutes, and you can also set a limit on total number of times the snooze can be hit.
  • Name: Apply a label to the alarm. This name will display on screen when the alarm goes off.

Setting the Snooze Feature

Touch and swipe the yellow “ZZ” sign in any direction if you want to turn on the iPhone X Snooze feature after alarm sounds. You must first set the iPhone snooze feature in the alarm settings.

Deleting an Alarm

Go to the alarm menu in order to delete any alarms. Then tap and hold the alarm you want to remove and finally tap on Delete. Deactivate the alarm while saving it for future using by tapping the “Clock”