How To Use LG V30 Fingerprint Sensor

How To Use LG V30 Fingerprint Sensor

The flagship phone of the LG called the V30 has the coolest smartphone feature today, the Fingerprint sensor. This feature identifies the user by tapping on the registered finger on the LG V30 fingerprint sensor to unlock it. It is also used for apps to add more security, particularly on banking apps. It is commonly used as a password instead of entering pins or pattern.

Set Up the LG V30 Fingerprint Sensor

  1. Unlock the LG V30
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap Lock Screen and Security
  4. Screen Lock Type
  5. Choose Fingerprints
  6. Follow the Onscreen Instructions
Now you can use your fingerprint to unlock your LG V30, What’s amazing is you can add more fingerprints if you like. Fingerprints can also be removed easily.

Having your LG V30 unlocked with the use of finger is gratifying. Why? Who would have thought that you can unlock a gadget is just a millisecond without effort, right?

The LG V30 also allow the users to have different fingers on different apps. For example, you can use your pinky finger for opening Facebook, use the thumb for unlocking, ring finger for Twitter and etc. This feature is really amazing!

So follow the steps below if you are excited to register your fingerprint on the LG V30.

Setting up the LG V30 Fingerprint Sensor

The LG V30 has a better security measure with the new and improved built-in fingerprint scanner. You can say goodbye now to entering pins and creating patter as this fingerprint sensor will take on the LG V30 security. This is very easy to set up, just follow this guide below…
  1. Switch LG V30 on
  2. Go to Menu and tap on Settings
  3. Under Settings option, select Fingerprint > Add Fingerprint
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions until it reads 100% of your fingerprint
  5. Setup a backup password
  6. Choose OK to activate the Fingerprint Lock
  7. Now try locking your phone, and try unlocking it with the finger you registeredWith the new fingerprint sensor, it will keep your LG V30 personal data safe and secured. But we cannot hide the fact that it can’t be returned to you again so always keep it safe.