Adding Favorite Contacts On iPhone X

Adding Favorite Contacts On iPhone X

One of the amazing features of the new Apple iPhone X is that you can choose contacts as ‘favourite’ which makes it easier to access them. This makes it easier than scrolling through your long list of contacts to find the contacts you call or message often on your Apple iPhone X.

This is an optional way of accessing contacts instead of pressing the letters at the side for easy access. Adding contacts as favourites makes it easier. I’ll explain below how you can add contacts as favourites on your Apple iPhone X.

Old users of the iOS devices will be aware of seeing a few contacts placed at the top of their list whenever they access the phone app.  I’ll explain with some few tips how you can add the contacts you are always in touch with and how you can remove the contacts that are not as important on your favourite list. Follow the tips below to learn how you can add/delete contacts from favourite list on your Apple iPhone X.

Adding Favorited Contacts On Apple iPhone X

  1. Switch on your Apple smartphone
  2. Locate the Phone app
  3. Find the “Favorites” section
  4. Press the “+” icon that appears on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  5. Choose the contact that you wish to add to your favorite list
  6. Click on the contact number to add it as your favorite

If you wish to delete a contact from your favourite list, just return to your favourites section on your phone app and click on the Edit button. Click on the red sign placed beside the name of the contact and click on Delete, that will remove them from your favourite list. Alternatively you can complete delete the contact and they will be automatically removed from your favourite list.