Apple iPhone X Keep Rebooting (Solved)

Apple iPhone X Keep Rebooting (Solved)

The latest complaints we have received about the iPhone X from a few users is that the smartphone keeps on randomly rebooting itself. The rebooting of iPhone X takes effect without prior notice and it would therefore be imperative that you learn how to fix this problem before it affects your device. The following solutions should keep make you ready whenever your iPhone X starts rebooting itself. In the instance that all these fixes fail, you are advised to seek help from an Apple technician. The technician should check your iPhone X from any irreparable damages after which a replacement should be provided.

If you have your iPhone X, under warranty, you will be able to get a replacement in case of serious damages without necessarily having to use any money. If your iPhone X keeps rebooting, consult the Apple support for credible assistance.

Many reasons have been suggested to try and explain the root cause of this problem. For instance, a defective battery may be the reason for your smartphone to reboot suddenly because it cannot sustain the performance of the phone. In some cases, the problem could be caused by a third party app that has been newly installed on your smartphone. A corrupted firmware can also be responsible for this problem.

To Fix Rebooting Problem Caused by the iOS Update

If you realize that your iPhone X keeps rebooting just after you installed a new firmware update, then perhaps you should perform a factory reset on your iPhone X.

Remember to back up all your data because a factory reset can erase everything on your iPhone X.

Fixing Rebooting Problem When an Application is Responsible for the Sudden Reboots

For this solution to work, you must be familiar with the Safe Mode on your iPhone X. This is a mode which can be used to place your device into a secure environment. It enables you to delete apps and get rid of bugs. Safe Mode can also be used where there are apps that have suddenly stopped working cause rebooting. You can enter the Safe Mode by following the instructions below;

  1. Simultaneously hold the Power and Home buttons until the screen goes blank. Then let go of the home only while still holding the power button
  2. As soon as the Apple logo appears, hold the volume up button. Let go when the Springboard loads
  3. In the Safe Mode, you can find the tweaks under the Settings Menu