How To Reset Password When Locked Out Apple iPhone X

How To Reset Password When Locked Out Apple iPhone X

iPhone X are some of the most secure smartphone devices in the market today. However, their tight security tends to be a hindrance at times especially since forgetting a password is bound to happen once a while. There are many solutions regarding password reset however most of them recommend performing a hard factory reset. The factory reset follows with the deletion of all files and data stored on the device. For those who haven’t backed up their data and are worried about losing their files, we have good news for you. We have come up with several safe ways of resetting your iPhone X password without losing any of your data.

Here are the three ways to go about resetting your password without backing up your iPhone X when you get locked out.

Choose a Way to Erase Your iPhone X

  • Using the iTunes method if your iPhone X is synced with iTunes
  • With the iCloud method where your iPhone X is signed in to Find My iPhone or iCloud
  • Using the Recovery Method especially when the two options above are not applicable

Erasing Your iPhone X With iTunes

  1. Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone X to a computer
  2. Go to iTunes and type in the passcode if prompted to do so. You can try using another computer that you have synced with or else use the recovery mode
  3. Give the iTunes time to sync with your iPhone X. After this process is complete you can now create a backup
  4. The next step is to restore [your device]
  5. Once the Set Up screen is displayed on your iPhone X, tap on the option to Restore from iTunes backup
  6. Now select your iPhone X in iTunes. Locate and pick the most recent and relevant backup

Erasing Your iPhone X With iCloud

  1. Follow the link from a different device
  2. You may be required to sign in using your Apple ID
  3. Browse and select All Devices at the top of the browser
  4. Choose the particular device you would like to erase
  5. Once you have selected the device you would like to erase simply tap on Erase and the device will be erased together with the passcode
  6. From here, you can choose to from two options; restore from a backup or set up as new

If your iPhone X is not connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi network, it will be impossible to erase it using the Find My iPhone option.

Erasing Your iPhone X Using the Recovery Mode

The Recovery Mode is the best alternative method for restoring your iPhone X whenever you find that neither the set up for Find My iPhone in iCloud nor synchrony with iTunes was done. The Recovery Mode will erase everything on your device including the passcode.

  1. Connected your iPhone X to a computer and then open iTunes.
  2. Force restart your iPhone X while it’s still connected to the computer by pressing the Sleep/Wake and the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds. Keep holding the two keys even after the Apple Logo is displayed and only release them when the Recovery Mode screen comes up
  3. From the two options provided; Restore and Update, choose on Update. Once selected, this option will allow iTunes to try and reinstall the device iOS without having to erase any data. Give the iTunes time to complete downloading the necessary software for your Apple iPhone X.

You can also learn more on how to factory reset the iPhone X. It is crucial that you back any data you may have before you try and factory reset your iPhone X device. This will help prevent loss of any relevant data and information stored on your iPhone X.