Auto Rotate Not Working On Essential PH1

Auto Rotate Not Working On Essential PH1

Some of the Essential PH1 owners reported that the auto-rotate feature is not working. Auto-rotate is used mostly when watching videos or playing games but sometimes, even if it is turned on, it still doesn’t work. One example for the auto-rotate issue is when browsing on the Internet and it gets stuck vertically even when the phone is turned horizontally.

Another incident of this Essential PH1 auto-rotate issue is when using the phone’s default camera but everything on the screen is inverted even the buttons, too. There are two solutions for you to be able to solve the Essential PH1 screen rotation. The first one is to hard reset the Essential PH1, meaning the phone will have to be shut down.

Test Sensor Calibration

You can do a self-test on the Essential PH1 to check if the auto-rotate sensors are working. To start the self-test, go to the service mode screen by opening the Essential PH1 dial pad. Type the code”*#0*#” (leave the quotation marks out). Once you are on the service mode screen, you will the option “Sensor” and click on it.

There is some incident when the phone’s wireless carrier doesn’t allow the user to have access to service screen. If this happened to your Essential PH1, your only option now is to perform a factory reset. You can follow the steps here to reset your phone back to its factory defaults. We also recommend you to visit or call your service provider to give you an advice on how to fix this issue.

This secret little trick to wake your auto-rotate feature on is by hitting it mildly to your palm to have a slight jolt. We don’t really recommend this but this can be called somewhat your first aid kit for this issue. You just need to be extra careful doing this.

If all of the processes didn’t work, then your only choice is to hard reset the Essential PH1. Unfortunately, this will remove all the files on your phone so it is very important to do a backup on your important files, photos, and videos of your Essential PH1. To perform the hard reset, go to Settings and tap on Backup & Reset.