Best Things To Ask Siri On iPhone X

Best Things To Ask Siri On iPhone X

Siri, iPhone’s very own voice assistant is very useful in completing different tasks. However, there’s a concern from iPhone X users and it’s regarding the possible information and questions they can ask Siri. Here’s a list on the different questions you can ask.

To change your language for Siri, simply go to Settings>General>Siri. Then an option of languages will a appear where you can select your preferred language for Siri.

To switch the voice of Siri to Male, simply go to Settings>General>Siri. Select the Voice Gender option then choose Male. The male Siri, sounds as formal as the female Siri but still the male voice is much preferred.

To make sure that Siri understands you, the best way to do it, is by completing your preferred question. Simply hold the button on the right side of the iPhone X when talking to Siri, and then release it when you’re done. Upon releasing the button indicates a finished question, after which Siri will start generating an answer.

Here Are Some Commands & Questions You Might Not Have Tried Asking Siri

  • Turn Bluetooth off
  • Open an app
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter
  • What is 20-degrees centigrade in Fahrenheit
  • How many calories in a big mac
  • How much is a 10% tip on a £38.90 bill
  • What is the square root of 81
  • Flip a coin
  • What time is it in San Francisco
  • Take a picture

Ask Siri About: Places

  • Find Times Square
  • Where is New York?
  • Find me the nearest restaurant
  • Where’s the best bar in town?
  • Most recommended spa in town?

Ask Siri About: Maps

  • Show me work
  • Find Miami
  • Show me local traffic
  • Show me the Statue Of Liberty
  • Find the nearest pizza parlor
  • Current location
  • Get me directions from Seattle to Portland
  • How far am I to my destination
  • Find the nearest gas station
  • Find a supermarket along the route
  • Find a coffee shop near work
  • Find me a bar near home
  • Find a movie theatre in San Diego
  • What’s the best restaurant near me?

Ask Siri About: Stocks

  • What is Apple’s stock price?
  • What is Apple’s P/E ratio?
  • What is Google’s 52 week high?
  • What is Microsoft’s market cap?
  • Compare Apple to Google

Ask Siri About: Knowledge

  • How many calories in an Banana?
  • Calculate 20 multiplied by 13?
  • What are the properties of gold?
  • How may people live in Japan?
  • How far is Mars from Venus?
  • How long can a normal person hold its breath?
  • How was the first man on the moon?

Ask Siri About:  Email

  • Send an email to Alex
  • Reply what are we doing for Christmas?
  • Email Katie and say “sorry I can’t make it this weekend”
  • Any email from Mike today?
  • Reply with “are we going to meet up this weekend”

Ask Siri About: Safari

  • Search for CNBC News
  • Bing for elephants
  • Search Google for images of cats
  • Search for funny dog videos

Ask Siri About: The Weather

  • What’s the weather like?
  • What’s the weather like in Barcelona?
  • What will the weather be this Sunday?
  • Is it going to rain this weekend?
  • What’s the weather report in Berlin tomorrow?
  • What’s the weather forecast on Wednesday?

Ask Siri About: Social Media

  • Send a Tweet
  • Tell Facebook
  • Open Instagram

Ask Siri About: Messages

  • Send a text to Alex
  • Tell my wife I’m running late
  • Read my new messages

Ask Siri About: Sports 

  • The score of a sports game
  • When are the next New York Knick games?
  • When is the next Dallas Cowboys game?
  • Who is on the New York Yankees team?

Ask Siri About: Music

  • Skip track
  • Play First Cut Is The Deepest
  • Play the Back to Black album
  • Play the next track, or “next”
  • Play some random music
  • Stop playing music
  • Say “Genius” to play similar songs

Ask Siri About: Movies

  • What movies are on?
  • What’s the best new movie?
  • Show me reviews for Batman Dark Knight Rises
  • Where can I watch Skyfall movie?
  • Which movie won best picture last year?
  • Best movies in 2014
  • What currently show in the nearest movie theatre?

Ask Siri About: Clocks and Alarms

  • Set an alarm for 7 o’clock
  • Change the 7 o’clock alarm to 7 30
  • Wake me up in 8 hours time
  • Turn the 7 o’clock alarm off
  • Turn all my alarms off
  • Delete the 6am alarm
  • Cancel all alarms
  • Switch off my morning alarms
  • Set a timer for five minutes
  • Cancel the timer
  • What time is it in Berlin?
  • What’s the date this Saturday?
  • How many days are in this month?
  • How many days till Christmas?