Can’t Connect To Internet With iPhone X

Can’t Connect To Internet With iPhone X

There have been reports by iPhone X owners that their devices cannot connect to the internet. This problem could be partly due to a weak Wi-Fi signal which could make it impossible to connect the iPhone X to the internet.

If some reasons you can’t still connect to the internet with a strong Wi-Fi connection, you can follow this guide to learn how to fix it. What you need to note though is that your WLAN to mobile data connection feature should be checked to ensure that it does not interfere with your internet connection. This option can be activated in the system iOS settings of any Apple iPhone X.

Apple recognizes this feature as the Smart Network Switch and it has been designed to automatically switch your internet connection between Wi-Fi and Mobile data. This is primarily intended to ensure that your device has a stable internet connection at every instance. It is worth pointing out that your iPhone X Wi-Fi settings can be adjusted to fix the internet connection problem.

Fixing iPhone X Can’t Connect To Internet Problem

  1. Power on your iPhone X smartphone
  2. Go to the Settings menu
  3. Select on Cellular
  4. Browse to locate Wi-Fi Assist
  5. Toggle this feature OFF, which will keep you connected as long as you have a strong wireless connection

The instructions provided above should be sufficient to help you fix the lack internet connection. If for some reason you still can’t fix this problem, then try wiping your smartphone’s cache partition.

Wiping the cache partition can be done from the Recovery Mode and it is worth noting that this problem does not delete or erase any data from your device.

Solving the Wi-Fi issue on iPhone X:

Go to your Settings and tap on General. From here, you can see several settings but the one we are interested in is the Storage & iCloud Usage. Now choose to Manage Storage and tap on an item from Documents and Data. Slide all the unwanted items to the left side of your screen and select Delete. Finish by tapping Edit and then Delete All. This will get rid of all the app’s data.