How To Change Text Message Ringtone On Moto Z2

How To Change Text Message Ringtone On Moto Z2

Moto Z2 owners would most certainly want to learn how to alter text messaging alert tones on their device. It is very vital to learn how to do this because you may want to assign certain ringtones reason being, you would like to assign a favorite ringtone to a certain person in your contact list to differentiate him or her  from all your other contacts. Or you may just want to be reminded about a certain tasks, deadlines or the likes.

How to Change Text Message Ringtone on Motorola Moto Z2

The steps to alter text message ringtone on your Motorola Moto Z2 is fairly easy. You have the choice to change or customize texts for each of your contact in your contact list, and assign a specific ringtone for text messaging in general.

  1. Switch your Moto Z2 device on
  2. Click on  the Dialer Application
  3. Look for the Contact in your contact list you wish to alter
  4. In order to make alterations on that contact select the Icon for edit, which is an icon shaped like a pen
  5. Click on to Select the Ringtone button
  6. A window will appear to show you all of the ringtones in your device
  7. Decide and look for the song you wish to assign to a contact
  8. If the ringtone you want isn’t in the List, tap Add and look for it on your device

These instructions will allow you to choose your text alert sounds. This gives you the ability to know who is calling or texting you without looking at your phone.