How To Change Torch Light Intensity On iPhone X

How To Change Torch Light Intensity On iPhone X

Some owners of the iPhone X are interested in knowing how they can alter the light intensity on their device. Although the torch light that comes with the iPhone X is not a suitable replacement for the LED Maglight, but the torch light is still very effective as a source of light. You can make use of this guide to understand how you can use the widget to access the torchlight and how you can increase/decrease the light intensity on your iPhone X.

In the past it was necessary to download an app to use the flashlight. This isn’t the case on the new iPhone X because it comes with an easy to use widget. This makes it easy to access the torchlight. 

How to change Torch Light Intensity On iPhone X?

Use your fingers to swipe up on your screen. Look for the torchlight icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to have access to the quick settings of your iPhone X.

You’ll have three options to can choose from which includes bright, medium and low light options. Click on that you prefer and tap the flashlight icon to switch on the Torch Light.