Charging Port Repair Essential PH-1

Charging Port Repair Essential PH-1

On the off chance that you have a Essential PH-1 that won’t charge, there is a decent possibility that the charging port is broken and you’ll either need to replace it yourself or get it repaired by an expert. The following is a guide on the most proficient method to repair a broken Essential PH-1 charging port, which works for the Essential PH-1 too.

How to Clean Essential PH-1 Charging Port

First, you should check for debris or lint in the charging port. The reason that you should clean the charging port is on the grounds that the debris and lint could obstruct the connection, not taking into consideration a strong connection with the charging port, and your Essential PH-1 won’t charge.

  • You can clean the charging port of your Essential PH-1 with one of the steps below;
  • Use double-sided tape at the end of a toothpick to remove debris
  • Swab the port with a cotton swab to clear out dust
  • Blow compressed air into the charging port to remove dust and lint

How to Manually Repair Essential PH-1 Charging Port

On the off chance that none of the techniques above work, you should consider repairing the port. Contact your service provider or the manufacturer to find an authorized technician.