Clearing Cache On Huawei P10

Clearing Cache On Huawei P10

There are issues on your Android system that simply have easy fixes. For instance, any bug or software problems are fixed by either performing a factory reset or by wiping the cache partition. Some of the major reasons why you might want to clear the cache of your Huawei P10 is when your device slows, freezes, glitches or delays. Read our guide below on how you can clear your Huawei P10 cache.

What is Cache and what are its functions?

There are 2 distinct types of cache available on your Huawei P10;

  • The app cache
  • The system cache

All the applications on your Huawei P10 have their own cache normally installed on the app itself. Cache is especially important as it allows for temporary data to be stored for smooth operations when switching between the apps. The system cache does pretty much the same functions, this time for the Android software rather than the apps. It is the reason why it’s advisable to clear the system cache when you have your apps crashing or freezing.

Clearing the app cache on your Huawei P10

If you are having issues with just a specific app, it is recommended to first clear the application cache. Read on to know how to clear the app cache;

  1. Power ON your Huawei P10
  2. Open Settings> App manager
  3. Choose the application you wish to clear the cache for.
  4. After you have pin-pointed the app, open the app info screen.
  5. Press on clear cache
  6. To clear the cache for all the applications, open Settings> Storage.
  7. Choose Cached Data to wipe all apps cache at the same time.

You should however note that you should not select Clear Data unless you wish to clear all the app information. This means information such as passwords, game progress, settings and preferences will be deleted.

What do I do if clearing the cache doesn’t fix my problem?

If you already cleared your cache and your Huawei P10 continues to exhibit the same problems, the other option would be to uninstall the application and restart your smartphone. However, you should always remember to back up your data to prevent any loss of information during the reboot process. If you have already restarted your Huawei P10 and this doesn’t seem to solve your problem, it is advisable that you perform a system wipe cache otherwise known as clearing cache partition.

This is not a guaranteed fix so if your issues persist, the next process you can try out is performing a factory reset of your Huawei P10