How To Disable Camera Shutter Apple iPhone X

How To Disable Camera Shutter Apple iPhone X
How To Disable Camera Shutter Apple iPhone X

Owners of the new Apple iPhone X might be interested in knowing how they can deactivate the camera shutter audio. Most people find the camera shutter audio annoying when you want to quietly take selfies.

Note that in the United States phones must by law make a shutter audio when snapping a picture. This is to prevent people from being able to take pictures of others without their consent or knowledge. If you live in another country, it may be possible to turn this audio off. Read the tips below to understand how can shut off the camera shutter audio on Apple iPhone X.

How You Can Mute Your iPhone X

The first effective method that you can use is to mute your smartphone. You can easily do this by hitting the ‘volume down’ key on the side of your device until it goes into vibrate mode. Putting the phone in vibrate mode will make sure that the phone does not make a sound when you take a picture.

Headphones Are Not Effective

There is a popular method of switching camera audio on smartphones that does not work on the Apple iPhone X. When you plug in the headphones on most smartphone, the camera audio will not be heard. This will not work on Apple iPhone X. This is because the Apple iPhone X has separate settings for media audio from notification audio, which means that the sound will still be heard.

Use a Third Party Camera App

Another method that is effective to disable the camera shutter sound is to download a third party app. Apple has set it has default for the camera sound to heard whenever you use it but there are apps that you can download from your App Store that will disable the shutter sound whenever you use them to snap a picture on your Apple iPhone X.