Display Timeout On Essential PH-1

Display Timeout On Essential PH-1

Owners of the Essential PH-1 device, would think it is vital and imperative at the same time to learn and master about the display timeout on PH-1.

When your Essential PH-1 device is not used for a certain period of time, a display time out transpires. After some more time, it would switch off in the attempt to save crucial battery life. Normally, the time out lasts for about 30 seconds before the screen switches off. Surely you would like to know how to make it last a bit longer than 30 seconds this we will be discussing further as we move forward. Please bear in mind, that the longer the screen is powered on, the more battery it will be engaging.

How to Keep PH-1 Screen on Longer

If you want your screen timeout to last longer than 30 seconds you’ll go to your settings. Then, look for the display section, and alter the amount of time. You have the option to alter it from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or beyond. Bear in mind, the longer the screen is on, the more battery it consumes. You just need to decide, how long you want it to be on, after thinking about it and do the changes and you will be ready.

Now the Essential PH-1 display times out after the length of time of your choice. Also, the “Smart Stay” feature for the PH-1 is in the same place. Smart stay gives our smartphone the ability, to turn the display on or off with eye recognition. This feature recognizes whether or not your eyes are focused on the phone. When they are, the screen will not dim.