Display Timeout On Google Pixel 2

Display Timeout On Google Pixel 2

It’s a good idea for those that own a Google Pixel 2 to know how to increase or decrease the display timeout on their smartphone.

The Google Pixel 2 display timeout works by switching off the screen light after it has being idle for a while to save battery life. The default timeout setting on the Google Pixel 2 is 30 seconds before the screen will switch off. If you are interested in knowing how to increase it, I’ll explain below. You should also know that the long the screen stays, the more it affects your battery percentage.

How to Keep Pixel 2 Screen On Longer

If you are willing to alter the screen timeout on your Google Pixel 2 , you will need to locate Settings on your device and then search for the display option and change the time to the minutes that you want. You can to change the timeout from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more before the Pixel 2 screen switches off automatically. Again, the longer the screen light stays on, the more impact it will have on your battery life. All you need to is to pick the time that you want and you are set.

The screen will stay on until the time set completes even if the phone is idle. You can also the ‘Smart Stay’ feature on your Google Pixel 2 located in the same menu. The Smart Stay feature works by actively switching ON and OFF your screen based on eye recognition. The Smart Stay feature uses the front sensors of your device camera which will spot whenever the user looks away. It automatically dims the light and switches it on again when the user faces the screen.