Display Timeout On LG V30

 Display Timeout On LG V30

Having an issue with your LG V30’s display timeout? Well then, you came to the right place.

First of all, let’s explain what it does. This feature enables your LG V30 to save its battery life by locking your phone automatically after seconds of idle time. The default screen timeout of LG V30 is 30 seconds. So in general, the more time your LG V30’s screen stays on, the more battery it’ll use. Now if you want to save that extra ounce of battery at your disposal, then follow the guide we’ll be stating below.

Adjusting the Screen Timeout on LG V30

In adjusting the time your screen stays ON on your LG V30, the first thing you’ll need to do is to head for the Settings application of your phone. Afterwards, search for the Display Option, then choose how much time your phone will wait before activating the Screen Timeout. It can be from 30 seconds, which is the default time, to 5 minutes or more until your phone automatically turns the screen off. Remember that a longer time out will consume more battery. Of course, it’s still up to your preferences how much time you desire and you are all set.

Once everything is done, the screen timeout will be activated at that particular timeframe. In addition, you can also activate the ” Smart Stay” feature which can be found on the same page. What it does is it enables your smartphone to activate display ON and OFF based on your eye recognition.It works via the front sensors of your phone’s camera which automatically detects when the owner looks away, hence dimming the display. When you look back at your screen, it’ll automatically open it.