How To Edit Photos Within Gallery App On Pixel 2

How To Edit Photos Within Gallery App On Pixel 2

If you love using your Google Pixel 2 to take pictures and you want to know how you easily edit your picture using the Gallery app feature I’ll explain below. The default Image editor provides users with the tools to edit pictures on their Google Pixel 2.

How to Edit Photos Using Gallery App Guide

You will need to switch on our Google Pixel 2. Then locate the Gallery app and click on the picture that you wish to edit. A menu bar will come up below the screen that will bring the option to Edit. Click on Edit and then click on “Photo Editor” and a photo editor will appear.

You Will Be Provided With Options Like:

  • Adjustment (you can crop, rotate, mirror)
  • Tone (you can use this to increase brightness, contrast, saturation)
  • Add Effects like Nostalgia, grayscale, stardust and others
  • Portrait (Blur, Red-Eye Correction and others
  • You can also draw but you will need to download SDK that works with the S Pen.

When you are done following the tips above, you will be able to edit your images using the Image Editor in the Gallery app of your Google Pixel 2.