Emergency Alerts On Google Pixel 2

Emergency Alerts On Google Pixel 2

Owners of the new Pixel 2 might be curious about the weird noises and constant vibration they receive on their device. These weird noises are called emergency alerts. The idea behind these alerts is to make that you are safe but some users are interested in knowing how they can switch off the emergency alerts on their Pixel 2.

Google has partnered with local and state safety agencies like FEMA, FCC, the National Weather Service and Homeland Security to provide weather information for users of the Pixel 2. These emergency alerts are for you to vacate your current location because of a severe weather condition. However some users may want to disable these alerts on their Pixel 2.

All Google Pixel products have the emergency weather alert pre installed on them just like other smartphones. But the users of the Pixel 2 have complained that the Google alerts are the most annoying. There are four options of the emergency alerts on Pixel 2 namely: Presidential, Extreme, Severe, and AMBER. You can deactivate almost all these alerts except one which is the Presidential. Make use of the tips below to learn how you can deactivate them on your Pixel 2.

How to Deactivate Emergency Weather Alerts on the Pixel 2

You can disable the emergency alerts on your Pixel 2 by locating the text message app on your smartphones called “Messaging”. Once you locate this app, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the three dots icon placed on top corner of your screen which serves as the menu button.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Search and click on Emergency Alerts.
  4. Unmark the boxes that you do not wish to receive alerts from.

If you later decide to enable the alerts, just make use of the tips listed above and mark the boxes that you want to receive notifications. You can disable all the emergency alerts except the Presidential alerts. You can now deactivate any of the alerts that have been disturbing you on your Pixel 2.