Emoji Not Working On iPhone X

Emoji Not Working On iPhone X

The new iPhone X has a lot of great features but some users have complained  about having issues with the emojis.  The Predictive Emoji feature is a technology by Apple that suggests Emojis in line with the context of the message and the first letters of every word typed.  But some users have complained that the emojis are not working well on their iPhone X. Predictive Emoji on the iPhone X. I will explain below how you can solve the Emoji issue on your iPhone X.

Operating System

It’s possible that you have noticed  some iOS users using some emojis that you do not have on your device, the first thing you should check is whether you are running the latest OS update.  If not,  you should update your device as soon as possible and see if that will give you access to the emojis.

How to Switch on Emojis Keyboard

  1. Switch on your iPhone X
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on General
  4. Then select Keyboard
  5. Click on Keyboards
  6. Click on Add New Keyboard
  7. Clickon Emoji

Different Software

Most of the time,  the reason why you can’t view some emojis on your iPhone X is because the default keyboard  that you are using to type is not compatible with the one that the other person is using to type. This happens when the person you are chatting with is typing with a third party app that was downloaded from Apple Store.  Most of these third party apps have emojis that are not compatible with the default keyboard that comes with the iPhone 7. The best way to solve this issue is to tell the person you are texting to switch to a keyboard that is compatible with the Apple iPhone X default keyboard.