Why Are Emojis Not Showing On My Pixel 2?

Why Are Emojis Not Showing On My Pixel 2?

Some owners of the new Pixel 2 have complained that they can’t view some Emojis on their smartphone. You may be experiencing this on your Pixel 2 because you do not have the correct software that works with these Emojis. There are several emojis available on different programs. To be able to view these Emojis in the default texting app on your Pixel 2, you will need to click on Menu and then select “Insert Smiley.”

Operating System

If you notice that some user have some emojis on their Pixel 2 that are not available on your Pixel 2 , check to be sure you are running the latest OS update. You can confirm this by clicking on Menu and then go to Settings, search for More and click on it, click on System Update then click on Update Google Software and select Check Now to confirm if there is a new update available. If there is an update available, follow the onscreen instructions to update the operating system of your Pixel 2. It’s possible that updating your operating system will allow you to have access to the new Emojis.

Different Software

Most of the time, the main reason why you can’t vie some Emojis on your Pixel 2  is because the person you are chatting with is using a different program that is not compatible with the default texting app on your Pixel 2. There are a lot of texting apps on Google Play Store that people download and use, if you are texting with someone that is using a different texting app that contains Emojis that are not on your Pixel 2 default texting app, you will not be able to see the emojis. What you can do is to tell the person you are texting to use an app that is compatible with the texting app that comes with the Pixel 2.