Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 5

Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 5

Some features of OnePlus 5 are hidden by default. These features are called the Developer Options and contain security settings, cool new features and other options. It’s possible that you have been looking for a way to unlock these new features. The Developer Mode gives you more control over your OnePlus 5. You can alter settings on your device and activate USB debugging mode for advanced functions. It’s very simple to activate the Developer Options on your OnePlus 5. With just a few steps you can have access to it.

How to Activate the Developer Options on OnePlus 5

First, you will need to switch on your OnePlus 5 and then locate the Settings option. You can easily do this using your finger to swipe from the top of your screen. After doing this, click on Settings. When you get to the Settings, locate the About Device. Tap on Build Number. After tapping it for awhile, a prompt will appear. Tap 4 more times after the prompt to unlock Developer Settings. You can now return to Settings by clicking on the back button. As soon as you get back to the normal settings, a new option will appear above the “About device.”

Go to About to find these Developer Settings. Click on it once and it will open the previously hidden developer menu.

As soon as you activate the Developer Options on OnePlus 5, you will be provided with extensive settings of your OnePlus 5. The main advantage of the Developer Settings lies in the increased functionality. You will be provided with options like increasing the overall performance of your device by changing the animation scale from 1x to 0.5x and other amazing settings that can make your OnePlus 5 to be more unique.

Should I Activate Developer Options?

Activating the Developer options on your OnePlus 5 won’t damage your device. These features are more advanced, but are only hidden because most people will never use them. If you’d like to have greater control over your device, simply unlock these Developer Settings.