How To Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 5

How To Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 5

The newest product from OnePlus called OnePlus 5 comes with a lot of powerful and amazing features which includes new security setting and more advanced options that has been intentionally hidden from a standard user which is called the Developer Mode option. Activating the developer mode will provide you with the ability to bring up some additional features on your OnePlus 5. The Developer Option provides with you advanced features like the ability to activate the USB Debugging for advanced operations, you can change settings and other extensive functions.

It’s quite easy to activate the developer option on your OnePlus 5. With just some few steps you will be able to do this. Follow the guide below on how to switch on Developer Options the OnePlus 5.

Enable Developer Options on OnePlus 5

You’ll first need to locate Settings on your OnePlus 5, you can easily access this by using your finger to slide down the notification bar and clicking on the gear icon on top of the screen. Now click on “About device” and then “build number.” You’ll need to tap it for awhile and a prompt will appear. Tap four or five more times and you’re all set. Return to the original settings and you will see a new option on the list called “About device.”

You can find the Develop Settings under the About setting. Click on it once to see the previously hidden options.

After activating the Developer Options on the OnePlus 5, you’ll have access to advanced settings. You will see options like the animation scale that you can alter to make your OnePlus 5 feel faster.

Is it Safe to Enable Developer Options on OnePlus 5?

Enabling the developer options in OnePlus 5 does not mean you have damaged your device. The developer options give you access to previously hidden advanced settings. If you want to have access to these settings, you can enable the Developer option on your OnePlus 5.