Essential PH-1 Password Reset (Solved)

Essential PH-1 Password Reset (Solved)

For users of Essential PH-1, it’s a smart thought to know how to get the secret key reset. A few steps for the Essential PH-1 password reset require doing a hard factory reset that can erase all your data from your Essential PH-1 cell phone. Luckily there are several options for gaining access to your device without losing your files. Below are three distinct steps on the best way to fix your Essential PH-1 if you can’t access it because of password problems.

How To Factory Reset your Essential PH-1

One technique is to complete a factory reset on your Essential PH-1. It’s vital to take note of that before you go to factory resetting your Essential PH-1, clients ought to back up all documents and data to keep any information from being lost. Read this step by step guide on how to factory reset a Essential PH-1 . The best approach to back up information on your Essential PH-1 is by going to Settings > Backup and reset. For whatever remains of your records you can utilize a backup app.

Unlock Essential PH-1 with Essential Find My Mobile

If you’ve registered your Essential PH-1 with Essential, you can access the Find My Mobile service. With this service from Essential, Essential PH-1 users will have the capacity to temporarily reset passwords and bypass the lock screen on their Essential PH-1. On the off chance that you have not effectively enrolled the Essential PH-1 with Essential, try to register it as soon as possible.

  • Register your Essential PH-1 with Essential
  • Utilize the Find My Mobile service for temporary password reset
  • Unlock the lock screen using the new temporary password
  • Put up a new password

Unlock Essential PH-1 with Android Device Manager

If you’ve already registered your Essential PH-1 with Android Device Manager, you can use the “Lock” feature. You will be able to reset your passwords of your Essential PH-1 from any computer using the Lock feature.

  • Using a desktop or laptop, go to the Android Device Manager
  • Look for your Essential PH-1
  • Switch On “Lock & Erase”
  • Use the instructions on screen to reset your Essential PH-1
  • Put up a temporary password
  • Use the temporary to access your Essential PH-1
  • Now, set a new and different password