Essential PH-1 Star Symbol Icon In Status Bar Meaning

Essential PH-1 Star Symbol Icon In Status Bar Meaning

On the status  bar of the Essential PH-1 device there is a star symbol or icon. Many do not have any idea what it means, this is where you will find enlightenment and learn all about it.

The star on your Essential PH-1 is always on the upper portion of the screen. This relatively new “very important” setting is enabled with the “Interruptions Mode.” You can enable or disable if you do not like the star icon on the status bar of your device.

How to Deactivate Star Symbol on Essential PH-1

If you wish not to use the Interruption mode feature on your Essential PH-1 device and you want to get rid of it as a result choosing to conceal the star icon in the status bar of your device.. The following will tell you how to do so:

  1. Turn on the Essential PH-1
  2. When you are on the Home screen click on to select Menu
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Tap Sound and Notifications
  5. Select “Interruptions”

After following the steps discussed above, you would be able to conceal the star icon  and the “Interrupt Mode” will no longer be active on your device