How To Fix “Insufficient Storage Available” Message Essential PH1

How To Fix “Insufficient Storage Available” Message Essential PH1

It has been reported by some that the Essential PH1 isi showing a message saying “Insufficient Storage Available” when downloading apps or taking pictures.

It’s frustrating when you want to take photos or download an app but your Essential PH1 has “Insufficient Storage Available”. Solving this issue can take minutes of your time so patience is a must.

You can alternately increase the memory of Essential PH1 if the issue keeps on showing up. The easiest way to do this is to backup and delete your photos and videos. You can also delete unused apps.

After reaching the success on adding up some memory on the Essential PH1, but still this “Insufficient Storage Available” keeps on showing up, check the Storage listed under the System in the Settings menu. You can check here how much space you need and this is where you can free up some space for the Essential PH1. If it still won’t solve the problem, the guide below provides more solutions on how to fix it. 

Steps to Solve “Insufficient Storage Available” on Essential PH1:

  • Moving the files to another location of the Essential PH1 will help provide a sufficient storage. To move files, go to Setting and browse for Applications. Tap on My Files and click on the Local Storage > Device storage. Your files will show and you can now mark all the files or folders you like to transfer. Decide the location you like to move the files to. If you want your files to be secured, sending it to the your Cloud account and store it there.   

If you checked your stage and you still have a sufficient storage yet, your Essential PH1 continues to crash, the cache might be the reason behind it. It’s always a good idea to clear out the cache and clear cookies on a regular basis. Clearing cache can be done on the Essential PH1 Recovery mode. Access the recovery mode by turning off the power first and hold the Power, Home and the Volume Up buttons simultaneously. Once the Recovery menu shows up, scroll down using the Volume Down button and select “Wipe Cache Partition” by pressing the Power button. Now reboot your device. Afterwards your problem should be fixed. Learn how to clear the cache on the Essential PH1 with this guide.