Essential PH1 Lock Screen Not Working

Essential PH1 Lock Screen Not Working

The very first thing you will see when opening your Essential PH1 is the lock screen. Almost all of the smartphone now have this feature, but some may not know how to use this. You can manually customize the lock screen and change the full appearance. Customizations includ the wallpaper, widget icons, shortcuts and many more.

How to Modify the Lock Screen Wallpaper of Essential PH1

If you want to modify the lock screen wallpaper, just press then hold the any part of the Essential PH1 Home screen. Edit mode will then be activated, and from that, you can change or add widgets, wallpaper and the whole set up of your lock screen. Just click the Wallpaper and then Lock Screen.

Essential PH1 has several default option or choices of wallpaper for the lock screen. But the good thing is, you can change it anytime by choosing from your favorite selfie pictures, your loved ones’ photo and even your adorable pet by clicking “more images”. Once you’ve decided on what photo you desire, just click the button “Set Wallpaper”

Essential PH1 doesn’t stop there, they do not just offer a change on your lock screen’s wallpaper but they give you a lot of choices and features that you can add on the lock screen to make it more appealing or presentable. Below are the lists of features you can choose from.

  • Dual Clock – this feature shows the exact time of both Local and Time Zones
  • Clock Size – by adding this you can easily see the current time when you open your phone, you can change it to make a smaller one or a bigger one for easier look
  • Show Date – If you choose to see the date easily, just check the box to enable it
  • Camera Shortcut – this feature allows you to unlock camera right away
  • Owner Information –this will let you add basic information about you or some twitter handles and a lot more
  • Unlock Effect – it denotes that you can change the effect or animation of unlocking your screen.

  • Additional Info – if you always want to know the updated weather forecast information, activating this on your lock screen helps you to be aware and safe at all times.