How To Fix Apple iPhone X Side Button Not Working

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Side Button Not Working

Some users of the new Apple iPhone X have complained about the side button of their device not working perfectly. Most users experience this issue when they are trying to use the side button to bring up their device screen. Although the button light up but the side button doesn’t. It has been noticed that this issue happens when the users receive a call on their Apple iPhone X. The screen does not light up.

I will explain some methods that you can use to fix this issue on your Apple iPhone X. 


There are times when users face this issue because they just installed an app. I will suggest that activate the safe mode option and check to see if the button works. No malware or app has been found as the major cause of this issue by putting your Apple iPhone X in safe mode is an effective way of knowing if the issue is being caused by an app.

Another effective method that you can carry out is to reset the device. You can use this link to understand how you can put the Apple iPhone X back to its factory setting if the issue persist after trying the first method (safe mode). As soon as the factory reset process is completed, ensure that your device is updated to the latest version of your carrier. You can contact your service provider to know the latest system update available for your Apple iPhone X.