How To Fix Essential PH-1 No Popup Notification

How To Fix Essential PH-1 No Popup Notification

For Essential PH-1 proud owners, you may want to learn how to get the Essential PH-1 no pop up notification from occurring on your device, which is running on Android Nougat. Google has come up with a new type of notification named the “Heads up Notification” , where the alert or notification appears on the  upper part of the status bar and  has a bigger better image in comparison to the scrolling message in the status bar , this feature is not like by all users, there are those who find this  feature quite annoying and would want to know how to disable it

For those who are annoyed by this feature, the discussion below is aimed directly at you.

How to Fx Essential PH-1 no Popup Notification

  1. Switch your device On
  2. Maneuver your way to Settings
  3. Click  on to choose “Sound & notification”
  4. Tap on to Select “App notifications”
  5. Click on to select the application you don’t want to see notifications from and for
  6. Alter the toggle from Allow seeing to OFF

These steps will turn off all popup notifications from that app on your device.