14 December 2017

How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Won’t Activate

    How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Won’t Activate

    Some owners of the new Pixel 2 have complained that their device does not activate correctly. If you experiencing this issue on your Pixel 2, I will suggest that you contact your carrier.

    Owners that are not interested in contacting their carrier can make use of the tips below to fix the issue. If you bought your Pixel 2 from carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, then it will be easy for you to fix this issue because they all have almost steps of fixing this issue on your Pixel 2 Below are several ways that you can follow to fix the issue of Pixel 2 not activating correctly.

    How to Fix Pixel 2 Activation Errors

    If you are experiencing activation error on your Pixel 2, it can possibly mean there are issues with the servers. Below is a list of the issues that you can experience when you see this error: Pixel 2 is not activated or the Pixel 2 is activated but no service on your device:

    • This can mean that your smartphone cannot be activated because the activation server is temporarily down.
    • It can also mean that your Pixel 2 is not identified by the servers and cannot be activated for service.


    This first method that I will suggest is that you carry out a quick restart of your device, this has been proven to be the easiest and effective way of fixing this issue on your Pixel 2. There are times when this might not work in fixing your activation issue but it is worth trying. You just need to switch off your device, and then switch it on again and check if that will fix the issue. 

    Restore Your Device

    There are times when you are experiencing activation issues, the most effective solution will be to restore your device by carrying out a factory reset. Another advantage of this method is that it wipes everything clean and you can start afresh on your phone. Before you carry out this process, make sure you backup all your important files and information. You can do this on your Pixel 2 by locating Settings and then click on Backup & reset.

    Network Issues / WiFi

    Sometimes you can also experience this issue on your Pixel 2 because of network and WiFi settings. You can confirm this by connecting your smartphone to another Wi-Fi network.