How To Block Calls And Texts Google Pixel 2

Owners of the new pixel 2 are usually interested in blocking calls and text messages from certain folks on their smartphone. There are a lot reasons why a user may be curious about knowing how to block calls. With the fast increase of annoying spam and telemarketing that are always disturbing.

The name of the block feature on the pixel 2 is auto-reject. you may have been wondering where to find the ‘Block’ feature. so I’ll be using both terms to show how to utilize this feature on our pixel 2.

How To Auto-Reject Calls on pixel 2

The easiest technique of blocking calls or texts to your pixel 2 is to use the Dialer and click on more then click Settings. look for the call Rejection choice (second on the list) and click on it then choose auto reject list. once you click on it, a dialogue will appear. type the number you’d wish to block. Also, you’ll see a listing of the numbers you’ve already blocked. This makes it easy for you to get rid of and replace number on the list if necessary.

How To Block Specific Phone Numbers on pixel 2

Another way of blocking a number on your pixel 2 is to click on your phone app and go to recent contacts. Then select the number that you just don’t need calls or text from anymore. you'll be able to now click on the ‘More’ choice and click “Add to auto reject list.”

How To Block All Unrecognized Calls on pixel 2

Most users of the new pixel 2 continuously get calls from unrecognized callers that will intentionally hide their phone numbers. the simplest way to block these annoying numbers is by locating the “Auto reject list” and click to block “Unknown callers” on your pixel 2. to complete the method, simply move the toggle to ON and unknown callers won’t be able to disturb you any longer.