Google Pixel 2 Screen Went Black Fix

Google Pixel 2 Screen Went Black Fix

An occasional problem with Pixel 2 is with the screen malfunctioning and going to black. The Black screen issue will make the device buttons light up while screen stays black. There are multiple ways of fixing the black screen issue on your Google Pixel 2. I’ll explain some ways below that you can use to solve the black screen issue on your Google Pixel 2

By Booting to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

You can make use of the instruction below to activate the recovering mode by booting your Google Pixel 2.

  1. First, press and hold these keys altogether: Volume Up, Home, and Power.
  2. As soon as the device vibrates in your hand, release the Power key but still hold on to the remain two keys until the Android System Recovery screen comes up.
  3. You can now make use of the “Volume Down” key to highlight the option called “wipe cache partition” and use the Power key to choose it.
  4. When the process has been completed, your smartphone will restart automatically

Make use of the detailed manual on how to clear cache on the Pixel 2

Factory Reset Pixel 2

If the issue still occurs on your Google Pixel 2 after trying the above method, then I will advise that you reset your smartphone back to factory settings. You can make use of this link for a detailed guide on how to factory reset the Pixel 2. It’s crucial to let you know that you should backup all you files before you undertake this process on your Google Pixel 2 to prevent losing important files.

Technical Support

If you are still experiencing the Black screen issue after trying all the methods explained above, I will suggest that you take your Google Pixel 2 to a store or shop where it can be checked for you and you may be provided with a new one or they can repair it for you if found defective.