Google Pixel 2 Silent Mode

Google Pixel 2 Silent Mode

Some users have been wondering about Silent mode on Pixel 2. Actually, Silent mode is now known as Priority Mode on Pixel 2. Google has decided to the change the name of the feature to Priority Mode on Android smartphones.

While Priority Mode has a greater learning curve than Silent Mode, its is much more versatile. It allows you to choose the apps and contacts you do not want to get notifications from when active. The following guide will make you understand how you can effectively use the Priority Mode on Pixel 2.

Setting up Priority Mode

Setting up Priority mode is easy and you can do this by clicking the volume key twice and clicking on Priority from the options that appear on your screen. You will be provided with other options like setting the time interval for the priority mode. You can use the plus and minus icons to increase or decrease the time option for the Priority mode to last. A star icon will appear on your screen to show that you have activated the priority mode. Only contacts and apps that have not be included will be able to notify you once active. Although all calls and messages will be received but you won’t be notified until you deactivate the Priority Mode.

Changing Priority Mode Options

You are allowed to alter and configure the Priority Mode option as you prefer, there is a cog is on that you can make use to select how you want the Priority Mode to work. Customize options like events and reminders, calls and texts by just moving the toggle. You can also choose some contacts that you want to get their notifications if they try to reach you through call or text by making use of the Priority Mode wall of silence.

Another effective feature of the Priority Mode on Pixel 2 is that you are allowed to choose the time that you want the Priority to switch on and off automatically. You can choose days, start time and end time. This ensures that you do not have to switch on or off the Priority mode by yourself.

Having Control of Your Apps

The Priority Mode also allows you to have control on apps that are on your Pixel 2. You will need to go to the Sound option and then click on Notification options and then locate App notifications; this is where you can select the apps. The main advantage of the Priority Mode is that it gives you the total control of who can contact you on your Pixel 2 especially when you are in a meeting, reading or sleeping.