Home Button Light Not Working On OnePlus 5

Home Button Light Not Working On OnePlus 5

There have been some reports that have said some OnePlus 5 device’s home button light is malfunctioning. This button on the OnePlus 5 is the touch button that lights up with each tap.

Many people believe OnePlus 5 home button is not working if the lights are not turned on. If the Home Button is not broken and the light is not working, the reason may be because it has been disabled and turned OFF on your phone. OnePlus has default settings that have this button light turned OFF because the OnePlus 5 is in energy saving mode.

If you have touched the home button and the light doesn’t turn on or work, we’ll help you get the OnePlus 5 home button light work again. Below we’ll explain how you can turn on the home button lights on the OnePlus 5.

How to Fix the OnePlus 5 Home Button Light Not Working:

  1. Turn on your OnePlus 5
  2. Open the Menu page
  3. Navigate to the Settings
  4. Click on “Quick Settings”
  5. Then Click on “Power Saving Mode”
  6. Navigate to the OnePlus 5 Power Saving
  7. Then go to the “Restrict Performance” option
  8. Unclock the box beside the OnePlus 5 “Turn off touch key light”

The Home Button illumination on the OnePlus 5 will turn on back after you follow the steps above.