How To Add Bookmark To Home screen On LG V30

A lot of people nowadays, especially teenagers, spend almost half of their day scrolling, liking and browsing these social media sites on their smartphones. Claimed as one of the best smartphones today, LG V30 has been chosen by a lot of users to aid them with their thirst for their social media cravings. In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to boost your overall experience in browsing these sites on your LG V30.

Normally, what most individuals do when they’re accessing sites is manually opening their Chrome, Firefox, Android Browser, or whatever browser they love using. OTFeed has a simpler and a quicker way to access these sites on your LG V30. With a few tweaks and shortcuts, you’ll be able to surf your most favorite social media site in just a matter of seconds! So without further ado, we’ll be introducing to you the Bookmark feature and how to apply it to your browsers.

To give you an insight on what the bookmark feature can do for you, imagine holding your phone right now. Think of your most favorite website to visit. Upon unlocking your phone, you saw an icon right on your home screen which redirects you to that website in a matter of seconds. That’s how bookmark works. It removes the process of manually inputting the website into your browsers. It’s fast and convenient at the same time!

The process of creating a bookmark can be applied to all kinds of browsers in your LG V30. It’s easy, convenient and handy. Now, let’s stop all the shenanigans and let’s get right on to business. Here are the steps in creating a bookmark on your LG V30’s home screen.

How to Create a Bookmark for your Favorite Site on your LG V30

This simple process we’re about to teach you will only take a few seconds from your life.

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Open the Default browser of your LG V30
  3. Type your favorite website in the address bar then hit enter
  4. Once you’re inside of it, press the three-point symbol located at the right of your address bar
  5. A drop-down menu will appear. Tap “Add shortcut to the home screen”

Once you have created the bookmark, it’ll eventually go to your LG V30’s home screen. Now you’re able to access your favorite site in just a blink of an eye!

Now, for Google Chrome Browser surfers, the process of creating a bookmark is almost the same as before. What differs is that upon pressing the same 3-point symbol, the “Add to homescreen” option will enable you to create a name for the icon. After you have given the icon a name, press “Add”. It’ll automatically go to your home screen afterward.

Another cool method of creating a bookmark is by holding your home screen until an option window appears. The widget list will appear then you’ll see an “add to homescreen” option to add the bookmark you already created. It’s a longer process but we’re just showing it for you to know that creating a bookmark on your LG V30 is super easy and can be done in many ways.