28 March 2018

How to Block Calls and Texts on OnePlus 5

    Block Calls and Texts on OnePlus 5

    Are you searching for a way to block unwanted calls and text on your OnePlus 5? There are series of reasons why you may want to reject calls; it could be to stop spammers, telemarketers, and stalker and so on. Understanding how to block calls on your OnePlus 5 takes some digging.

    We’ll inform you on how to block calls and text on your OnePlus 5. But before we go any further, we’ve to bring it to your notice that OnePlus blocking features is termed “rejection,” and this is the term we’ll be using in place of “block.”

    How to Reject Calls by Using the Auto-Reject List

    Going to the OnePlus 5 app is one of the ways to reject calls and texts. After getting to the phone’s app, click “more” option, which is at the right top corner of the phone. “Call rejection” is the second option on the opened list; it will take you to another page by clicking the option. Once you open the page, click “Auto reject list” and it will provide a box where you can enter the contact you want to block. Also, you can also remove the numbers you blacklisted whenever you feel like restoring it.

    How to Block Individual Caller

    You can reject calls from any selected individual’s number on your OnePlus 5. Just go to the phone application, click on the call log and tab the contact you which to reject. After this, click “More” page at the right top corner, and then you can add it to the “auto reject list.”

    How to Block Unknown Caller’s call

    Do you always get calls from unknown callers that refuse to disclose their identity and you which to block them? Luckily for you, it can be done on your OnePlus 5. The most suitable way to reject these calls is by using the “Auto reject list” on your phone.  Switch it on, and you won’t have to be bothered by unknown callers.