How To Block Texts Google Pixel 2

How To Block Texts Google Pixel 2

Owners of the Google Pixel 2 might want to know how they can block texts on their smartphone. A lot of people have different reasons why they may decide to block texts on their Google Pixel 2 with the quick increase in spammers and telemarketers that contact people on their smartphones.

The blocking text feature is called “rejection,” on Google smartphone so I will be using the term and the popular term ‘block’ in this article to explain how you can use this feature on your Google Pixel 2.

How To Block Texts From The Auto-Reject List

The first method that you can use to block text on your device is to locate the phone app and click on ‘More’ placed in the top right corner of the screen. Then click on Settings. Browse through the list, you will see an option called “Call rejection.” Click on it and then click on “Auto reject list.” As soon as this page comes up, a field will be provide where you can type in the phone number that you are willing to block on your Google Pixel 2. if you have used this feature to block contacts before, there will be a list of the number if you are willing to unblock a contact from the list.

How To Block Texts From An Individual

The second method that you can use is to block text from a number is by locating the phone app, then click on log and choose from the list a number you’d like to block.  Then click on ‘More’ corner and then click on “Add to auto reject list.”

How you can Block Texts From All Unknown People

Most owners of the Google Pixel 2 have complained of getting text from strange and unknown numbers. The most effective way of blocking these texts is to click on “Auto reject list” and click on the option to reject calls from “Unknown callers” on the Pixel 2. Just move the toggle to ON and that will make sure that you do not receive texts from unknown numbers anymore.