How To Change LG V30 Lock Screen

How To Change LG V30 Lock Screen

What you first see on the verge of waking up affects your subconscious throughout your whole day. That’s why we suggest you put up an inspiring lock screen wallpaper on your LG V30 since everyone’s daily habit is checking their smartphones upon waking up. In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to tweak the lock screen of your LG V30 to make it more “you”.

It’s essential to remember that LG V30 allows you to add your preferred widgets and icons on its lock screen. You’re able to put your most used widget on it and also change the background to your like.

The lock screen of LG V30 offers a lot of features which you can use at your disposal. Here are some of them:

  • Dual Clock– displays the timezone of both your home and the current country you are in if ever you’re on travel
  • Clock Size– change the size of the clock displayed on the lock screen
  • Show the Date– displays today’s date
  • Camera Shortcut– enables you to easily access your LG V30’s camera
  • Owner Information– allows the owner to add information such as Social media networks to the lock screen
  • Unlock Effect– enables you to tweak the thorough appearance of your lock screen together with its animation. OTFeed prefers watercolor
  • Additional Info– remove or add pedometer and weather info on your lock screen

Changing the LG V30 Lock Screen Wallpaper

To do this, long press an empty space on your Home screen. Afterwards, edit mode will appear in which you can change the home screen settings, change the wallpaper and also add widgets. Choose “Wallpaper”, then press “Lock screen”.

LG V30 caters a lot of stock wallpaper for your lock screen. However, if you want it to be more customizable, you’re free to choose whatever photo you want for it. To do this, tap “more images” then choose any photo you’ve taken on your LG V30. After choosing the photo you want, press Set Wallpaper button.