How To Change Lock Screen On OnePlus 5

How To Change Lock Screen On OnePlus 5

Owners of the new OnePlus 5 might want to know how they can alter the lock screen of their device. There are multiple ways that you can use to do this on your OnePlus 5 and I’ll explain them below. OnePlus has been kind enough to make it possible to add extra and different widgets and icons to the lock screen to make the OnePlus 5 more personal and unique. It is also possible to change the wallpaper of your OnePlus 5 lock screen.

You will need to click on Settings and then search for “Lock screen” you’ll be provide with a list of several features that you can add to your OnePlus 5 lock screen to make it more unique to you.

  • Dual Clock – it displays the time for your current location and your home location in case you are travelling.
  • Clock Size – you can use this to enlarge or reduce the size of the clock.
  • Show the Date – Just as the name says, it shows you the current date.
  • Camera Shortcut – this is the feature for you if you love taking quick selfies
  • Owner Information – provides you with a field to put all your relevant social media information.
  • Unlock Effect – this feature makes your unlock effect to be more interesting. You should try the watercolor effect
  • Additional Info – this feature gives you access to include or remove weather and pedometer info from lock screen.

Changing Lock Screen Wallpaper on OnePlus 5

The method of changing your lock screen wallpaper on OnePlus 5 is very similar to the OnePlus 5. You just need to look for an empty space on your screen; tap and hold, a menu will pop up with options like adding widgets, changing home screen settings, and also the option to change your wallpaper. Tap on “Wallpaper”, and then tap on “Lock screen.”

Your OnePlus 5 comes with a lot of default wallpapers but if you prefer to use your personal image, you can simply tap on “more images” and choose from any picture that you have in your gallery. Once you’ve located the picture, tap the Set Wallpaper button.