How to Clear Cache on OnePlus 5

How to Clear Cache on OnePlus 5
How to Clear Cache on OnePlus 5

A good first option for solving many of the trickier issues on any phone is to wipe the cache partition. Data that’s meant to be temporary is stored here. Recent website visits, certain app data, cookies and other items not meant for permanent storage but useful in the short term are examples of cache data. Sometimes this stored data can cause internal conflicts leading to application or OS malfunctions. So when faced with a difficult problem, try a cache partition wipe first before a factory reset. The cache partition wipe doesn’t require a backup. Wiping only the cache partition preserves your OnePlus 5 user data, like apps and settings. This process deletes only data meant to be temporary.

Wipe Cache Partition on OnePlus 5

  1. Power down your device
  2. Once completely shut down, press the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously and hold down
  3. A boot screen will appear that looks normal except for a small text at the top saying “Recovery Mode”
  4. Use the Volume buttons to navigate up and down in Recovery Mode, and the Power button to make a selection
  5. Navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition” and select with the Power button
  6. Confirm your selection and reboot your phone
  7. Some apps may ask you to login again after a cache partition wipe.

This procedure will fix a myriad of software problems on your OnePlus 5. If the problem persists however, your next step should be a factory reset. Just be sure to backup your data first!